Mothers Favorite Child along with 2011 R&B Artist of the Year Phoenix Music Awards Paris Toon burst through the door of the music scene, creating a buzz that has already attracted much attention from many music industry insiders. The intention is to inspire a new Rhythm & Blues attitude, to incite a rebirth of Soul/Jazz. Their sound and vibe are unique and yet are reminiscent of some of the greatest musical figures from years past.

Since its inception, Mothers Favorite Child has swept across various websites around the world, achieving over 1 million downloads and streams and reaching #1 in internet CD sales. Each featured song at one time or another has secured a spot on every internet top 40 chart in each of their respective genres while still competing daily with current national acts on the Soul/ R&B and Jazz circuit.

The influences of the writers, musicians and vocalists of Mothers Favorite Child range from Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone to Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock & the Head Hunters and virtually no other sound is off limits. They represent the best of what true music for the Soul/R&B/Jazz has to offer. Whether it’s a live stage performance or a studio recording, Mothers Favorite Child completely captivates the listening audience and offers up every ounce of energy it possesses.