Our purpose is to provide youth with a creative outlet that will enhance academic, professional & social success; to help provide Arizona with culturally relevant art; and to create a nationally recognized and duplicated blueprint for these goals.

Today, in America, there are more than 14 million youth under 18 who are defined as “at risk” (of not reaching a productive adulthood). They face a relentless assault of negative influences which often result in drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, poor academic performance, violence, even death.

Every child should have the opportunity, confidence, character and support needed to lead a safe, healthy and productive life and become productive, successful citizens. They have a right to expect a fair chance to develop their talents and apply their energies in order to successfully contribute to society. However, their communities are bare of role models or we overextend the ones they do have.  Teachers are exhausted, parents are overwhelmed, and society can’t afford the level deprivation that could have been avoided by programs like this.

Studies consistently show that the best hope for young people come from mentoring and the arts.

Through The HomeBase Foundation we can unite, show up, act up and save our children. One at a time while creating a movement that will serve as an example for thousands….



HomeBase Foundation will be an epicenter for artistic youth and a catalyst for young people looking to explore their creativity, develop healthy and constructive outlets to express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well as maximize their academic potential while developing life skills necessary for overall success and global leadership.



  • Youth Empowerment Workshops – To expose individuals to literature, develop writing skills, and create a forum for positive self expression.
    • Weekly 2 hour sessions with high school aged students.
      • 1st hour is creative development, with an emphasis in poetry and spoken word
      • 2nd hour is real world rules/personal development awareness/entrepreneur and professional development
  • Weekly academic progress reports will be mandatory for long term participation. This will allow HomeBase Foundation to track the participants scholastic development and progress as well as give HBF the opportunity to train the youth how to ‘self monitor’ goals and progress through school and beyond.
  • Parent and guardian cooperation and, at times, participation will be expected. Massive success has a higher chance of occurrence when a youth’s entire environment is moving in the same direction.
  • Monthly Performances to showcase work
    • These ‘Open Mic’ sessions will be open to the public and will serve several purposes:
      • The youth will showcase their craft, which they have been working on throughout their weekly sessions. This will allow them to develop skills in  m.c. to crowd control, public speaking, event hosting, performance, and event planning.
      • This will also serve as community outreach developing social as well as personal responsibility.
      • This will lastly serve as a consistent fund raiser teaching the participants how to successfully create and manage a business. Cost/benefit analysis, customer service, cost versus product/service value, re-investment, profit/loss comprehension, marketing and expansion, and money and account management are just some of the areas of entrepreneurial experience they will receive.
      • Curriculum – specific and outlined curriculum to be used by trained youth specialist
      • Annual Leadership Conference – National arts and youth leadership conference in downtown Phoenix.



1) To improve student self-esteem, self belief, and life expectation

2) To provide enrichment opportunities that will help our students to become more well rounded.

3) To provide a variety of learning opportunities that would help our students realize their academic potential.

4) To provide the framework that would help our students understand the importance of self-discipline, ethics and courage.

5) To provide positive rewards and scholarships to deserving students.

6) To teach each student critical thinking skills.

7) To develop very specific marketable skills and to create a direct mental connection between success and work ethic.