Welcome to HomeBase: The Poets’ Poetry Set.

HomeBase isn’t merely an art event-it’s a MOVEMENT! We are a community that believes in creating ‘feel good’ events in (but not limited to) the city of Phoenix and surrounding areas. Beginning in January 2009 (with a pre-show in December 2008) every other month from 7-10pm we meet for a heartfelt open mic poetry reading that has attracted some of the best poets and performers in the country. Just show up early and put your name on the list. We have pros and new comers to performance all on the same stage. We are creating an atmosphere for safe expression and MIND BLOWING ENTERTAINMENT! Hosted by poetry pioneer and entrepreneur HB and Phoenix’s born and bred poetic phenom Tomas, the laughs and insights never cease. To set the mood for this much needed event we have Big Tone along with DJ Showtime, our resident music men, playing some of the most soothing and nostalgic music (real Hip-Hop, soul, old school R and B, etc) you can wish for. Now housed
in the beautiful downtown Phoenix Stand Up Live venue at CityScape, we are surrounded by glorious artwork that accents our best feature, our crowd.

We have a strict NO NEGATIVITY policy and our “citizens” takes that to heart. The spirit is unmatched. People are tired of ‘The Club’. They want to go somewhere have a drink, listen to great good vibe music and socialize with mature people that aren’t afraid to SMILE! This makes us special. This makes us one of a kind. This is why our slow nights boast of 250+ people and our special events have hit upwards of 650 people! In our short 3 year history, we have become the gateway to the mature urban audience. The cultural and age diversity of our crowd makes us a vendor’s dream. We are in constant partnership with small businesses across the valley because of our unique position as “centurion” to this loyal and patronizing group. Our Arizona social capital is priceless. We have earned the trust and faith of our immense rotating audience (2,500). We are the oasis in this Phoenician cultural desert. Let’s enhance this already amazing city.